Free Harry Potter crochet patterns #minioncrochetpatterns
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Free Harry Potter crochet patterns #minioncrochetpatterns

More than 50 free Harry Potter crochet patterns | The Ultimate Pinterest Party Week 251

I can't believe the first Harry Potter movie came out nearly 20 years ago, my kids have just started reading the books and watching the movies, and luckily it's a series that never gets old regardless of how many times you read the books or see the movies. And in honour here are more than 50 free Harry Potter themed crochet patterns. Harry Potter Amigurumi from Knot Bad Dobby Keychain Ragdoll Hermione Granger Wizarding chick from Ami Amour Free Mini Harry Potter Quidditch Amigurumi Pattern Albus Dumbledore from two hearts crochet Harry Potter bun hat Free Minerva McGonagall Amigurumi crochet Pattern Ragdoll Draco Malfoy Ragdoll Dumbledore crochet pattern Sirius Black crochet pattern Ragdoll Hagrid from Spin a Yarn Harry Potter mini Amigurumi Free Hermione Granger Amigurumi Pattern Harry Potter wand from chrochetverse Draco Malfoy Ragdoll Snape Free Dobby Amigurumi pattern Ragdoll Ron Weasely Luna Lovegood Crochet Pattern Ragdoll Harry Potter Ron Weasley Amigurumi Free Mini Amigurumi Harry Potter Hermione Granger Golden Snitch crochet pattern from Just Crafty Enough Free Rubeus Hagrid Amigurumi Pattern Wizard mitten pattern Free Hogwarts House scarf pattern from Food Fun Family Draco Malfoy Hedwig the Owl from Auburn Elephant Lord Voldermort Severus Snape Harry Potter from Cutemigrumi Harry Potter Votter Mittens Fee Ron Weasley crochet pattern Resurrection Stone ring Severus Snape Luna Lovegood from Two Hearts crochet Dumbledore crochet pattern Dobby House Elf from Lucky Kate crochet Rubeus Hagrid Minerva McGonagall Free sorting hat from Crafting is Cool Harry Potter Amigurumi pattern Harry Potter pillow from Crafty Ridge Baby Mandrake crochet hat pattern from Whistle and Ivy Harry Potter coffee cup cozies from Minas craft The Golden Snitch Harry Potter scarf Baby Bowtruckle from Fantastic Beasts Now more than 70 FREE Pokemon crochet patterns Free Mario Crochet Patterns


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